An Overview of the Best Skate Shoes

Skating takes fun and entertainment to a whole new level and this is one of the main reasons why investing in a good pair of skate shoes is so important. Without the very best skate shoes on your feet, you risk the chance of injury, painful feet, or embarrassment from the others who own some of the premier skate shoes on the market.

That is exactly why this site has been put together to give you not only an overview of what makes up the top skate shoes, including the all-important style and protection, but to also provide our well-researched top five picks for simply the best skater shoes money can buy! Don’t be left out in the cold without the cool footwear all your friends have. Scroll down to take a look at our top 5 skate shoe choices in 2014 and beyond….

Review of the Top 5 Skate Shoes

DC Men’s Pure Action Sports Shoe

DC Men's Pure Action Sports Shoe

The DC Men’s Pure Action Sports Shoe is one of the most well-rounded mid sole shoe we’re recommending. Hundreds of positive reviews does much of the talking that makes the DC shoe a great buy. It’s made with full grain leather and some suede synthetic complete with a DGT rubber sole. It’s a top of line shoe upgraded from other DC skate shoes with added toe protection, thick tongue foam padding, and a super solid fit to avoid looseness. Includes vented holes in the upper to bring in an influx of breezy air to your feet when you need it the most. They come in over 35 colors and designs to keep you trendy but still unique from other skaters. We are constantly referring to DC shoes, in such spots as our top women’s skate shoestop white skate shoes and best for kids.

Osiris Men’s NYC 83 VLC Skate Shoe

Osiris Men's NYC 83 VLC Skate Shoe

A very solid performing shoe made by Osiris, the NYC 83 VLC skate shoe is a vintage high-top style that is sure to get people to notice you. The mix of style and performance makes it one of the best on the market. It’s upper material is made of canvas that provides awesome durability, as well as reinforced high abrasion areas to keep you safe. It’s vulcanized rubber sole construction offers increased flexibility but includes a vulc wrap for maximum support and comfort. You’ll find this should offers the best of all worlds to bring you high class, ideal performance day in and day out. Lots of wearers commonly mentioned they wear these shoes all day long until they wear them out; they’re that comfortable and that appealing.

Want more? Find out more detail why this is our top Osiris pick. We’ve also zeroed in on what the most desirable women’s Osiris shoes are.

Etnies Men’s Marana Skate Shoe

Etnies Men's Marana Skate Shoe

The Marana Men’s Skate Shoe made by Etnies is a low cut professional skateboarder’s dream shoe. You get so much and more, blending strength and style with a rubber cupsole complete with an injected EVA, impact-resistant STI Evolution foam midsole, making it one of the most durable and lightweight shoes around. It contains a non-slip grip rubber outsole and a leather upper with an injected rubber toe cap for durability. This shoe has more than you bargained for, making it one of the best skate shoes to buy, perfect for professional skaters and amateurs alike.

Emerica Men’s The Reynolds Skate Shoe

Emerica Men's The Reynolds Skate Shoe

A product design from Andrew Reynolds, you know this skate shoe can handle heavy impact if Andrew’s name is behind it. The mid top style shoe features what is known as the ‘Cold Air Intake’, that allows both the shoe/foot to breath naturally and a new internal support system that has a vice like grip to keep your foot in place. The patented G6 foam midsole provides supreme cushioning for protection from high-impact moves. The uppers are made with one piece premium suede. Many owners are commenting they’ve never had their heal lock in so well or encounter a shoe that is perfect right out of the box. This is a real up and comer, so get your hands on a pair today.

Lakai Men’s Manchester Skate Shoe

Lakai Men's Manchester Skate Shoe

The Manchester low cut skate shoe made by Lakai combines comfort and versatility to provide you with a fantastic skating performance. You’ll find a vulcanized crafted shoe, a canvas form fitting upper, and a tacky gum rubber outsole to give you an excellent skate shoe in terms of style and substance. The shock absorbing insole will keep your feet pain free for longer. They’re good for skating, biking, or just casual wear as well. The Lakai embroidery at the back of the collar adds a hint of class. Comes in over 15 colors to suit your particular needs.

How to Choose the Right Ones

We’ve done our research and we’d like to pass along our knowledge to make your decision easy. The top skateboard shoes are made from the finest quality materials and the main goal of these top skate shoe manufacturers is to create a durable product with optimum style and comfort. Knowing exactly how to buy skateboard shoes and the how to identify the features to look for, are the basic components required for making the right decision at the time of purchase. The six main areas of interest for obtaining the best skate shoes are style, protection, durability, weight, materials, and types of shoe cuts. If any of these parameters are lacking for your individual needs, skating can become very cumbersome, risky, or dull.

What Are The Different Type of Styles for Skate Shoes?

The style of skate shoes may vary according to the area of focus in question. During the design and production of these shoes, manufacturers take into account two main issues, namely protection against constant impact with the ground and control for performing complex maneuvers. The ideal skating shoes usually comprise of a balanced combination of these two important features.

Skateboard shoes with cupsoles: these shoes are specially designed for skaters looking to perform aggressive stunts with high impact on landing. Such stunts require skateboarding shoes with adequate padding to absorb the shock generated upon contact with the ground. This footwear is usually bulkier than others and come fitted with optimum cushioning that is guaranteed by the presence of top quality midsoles and outsoles. Skate shoes with cupsoles make skating a whole lot easier on the lower limbs.

Vulcanized skate shoes: the design of vulcanized skate shoes sacrifices a bit of cushioning to accommodate flexibility. “Vulcs”, as they are commonly called, are ideal for performing more complex skateboard maneuvers that require greater control and skateboard “feel”. Vulcanized shoes are narrower than cupsoles and their midsoles also tend to bit thinner. If you are consistently receiving bruising in your heels, you may want to opt for a bulkier shoe.

What Type of Protection Is Offered By the Various Types of Skateboarding Shoes

Protection is perhaps one of the most important aspects of good skate shoes. Inadequate skating gear can lead to horrible falls and gruesome, painful injuries. Skateboard shoes are manufactured with three basic parts that help to protect skaters, while reducing the likelihood of sustaining injuries. These three protective layers are the heel cushion, the midsole and the heel collar.

Heel cushion: for adequate heel protection against landing impact, special heel cushions have been incorporated into the design of skateboard shoes. These extra padded cushions help to absorb the shock generated on landing. Dual cushioning is starting to recognize what is being called ‘G2 Cushioning‘ with the the responsibility of helping tremendously with impact in a typically thin-soled shoe.

Midsoles: these are generally crafted from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyurethane (PU). The secret behind the effectiveness of these midsoles is that they are made from premium quality foam, packed with bubbles. These midsoles fill up with air whenever your feet leaves the ground and the same is slowly released when your feet makes contact with the ground once more. Midsoles absorb a great deal of shock from the landing impact and protect skaters from limb injuries, while guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable maneuver.

Heel collar: as with other regular collars, the heel collar surrounds the heels and creates a snug fit that prevents the shoes from accidentally slipping off while skating. Skateboard shoes with a good heel collar are ideal for complex skating maneuvers. You’ll want all the support you can get when you’re testing out tricks you’ve never tried before or are inexperienced in performing.

How Important is Having Durability in a Skater Shoe?

2293064-p-MULTIVIEWGiven the level of stress that is constantly exerted on skateboard shoes, durability plays a very critical role in their manufacture. Shoes must stand up to constant wear and tear, as well as rough impact with the ground and the skateboard. In order to create the best skate shoes, manufacturers take into account many important features including the outer sole, the upper materials and the lace guards.

The outer sole establishes direct contact with the skateboard and must withstand constant grip tape friction from the same, while providing extra support to the skater. Outer soles made from top quality rubber make a great option for the ideal pair of skate shoes.

The upper material is usually reinforced to prevent the skate sneakers from giving away under the constant pressure. Special emphasis is usually placed on the areas where the shoes come into direct contact with the grip tape. Likewise, heavy duty stitch patterns are made along the upper material to ensure that the shoes remain intact with constant use.

Lace guards serve as a protective barrier for the laces, since they will inevitably come into contact with the grip tape. Without such lace guards, signs of wear and tear would quickly appear on the laces, causing annoyance. Some manufacturers have even modified the design of the loops to prevent the laces from ever touching the grip tape. Other manufacturers prefer round laces since they are more resistant to wear and tear. New and innovative designers of skateboard shoes may even add a Kevlar coating to the laces to improve their quality and durability.

Are Lightweight Skate Shoes the Best?

While durability is one of the most important aspects of a solid skate shoe because it provides you the most flexibility to pull off tricks, be careful with how heavy your shoe has become. You may find a heavy shoe will weigh you down to the point that tricks you previously performed can no longer be attained. The technology and design that shoe makers are instituting need to be lightweight enough to keep you floating on your toes, but not so much that they are cheap and flimsy, thus risking injury. Find your happy medium!

What Type of Materials Are Used to Make the Best Skate Shoes?

As with the variation in the style of skate shoes, the type of materials used for their design varies significantly. Some of the best skateboard shoes are made from the following materials:

Leather: this material is well known for its durability and its ability to be molded to accommodate your feet. The three main types of leather used to make skate shoes are nubuck, full–grain and action leather.  Nubuck leather provides adequate grip and durability. This implies that skaters can perform more tricky maneuvers for a longer period of time, without having to worry too much about changing their footwear. Full grain leather is considered as the most resistant and long  lasting material on the market Action leather shares similar properties to that of full grain leather but it is really split grain in nature and is less durable in comparison to full grain leather.

Suede: this material provides an excellent grip for performing maneuvers. It also gives the footwear a smooth finish and a classy appearance. Nevertheless, its durability is limited, especially when compared to leather.

Synthetic materials: as the name rightly suggest, these materials are created artificially and they are given similar properties as that of naturally occurring materials, such as leather. They tend to be a bit cheaper than leather, but are capable of withstanding the pressure of daily skating.

Keeping In Mind the Type of Shoe Cuts

The most commonly used skater shoes feature a low-cut design that offers optimum feet control. This design permits users to master skateboard stunts like pros. There is, however, little support around the ankles. Nevertheless, there are other types available with their own unique properties: the mid–cut shoes protect the ankles while maintaining adequate feet control. On the other hand, high top skate shoes are excellent at ankle protection because extend up towards the calf but offer very little feet control. Skaters can choose from these three shoe level cuts according to their preference and whether control or support is more important to them.

It’s time to take a look at the top five skate shoes based on many of the aspects you’ll find in this article. From the skaters who have worn them, the recommendations and feedback they’ve provided, plus through multiple positive reviews throughout the Internet, we’re here to make your skate shoe purchase on that will last you many years to come. Once you’ve found the perfect shoe manufacturer, you’ll want to stick with this one for the long haul. Let’s take a look.

For skaters who are struggling to find the best skate shoe now have enough knowledge to get them on their way. Because there are so many parameters that make up a skate shoe, it’s important to evaluate them all and decide on a shoe that is ideal for the conditions you’ll be skating in and the type of moves you’ll be participating in. We wish you all the best on your decision and hope you will come back to check in and provide you feedback with us. We’ll still be here providing more knowledge about new brands that come out in 2014 and 2015 and look forward to seeing you here.

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