Breaking Down the Best Circa Shoes

Circa shoes are made by one of the most prestigious and professional skate shoes manufacturers in the US. C1rca shoes, as they are commonly called, are a pure fusion of quality and performance. These skate shoes have been designed with the aid and expertise of professional skaters and nothing beats the input of an experienced staff dedicated to crafting a trophy product. The manufacturers of this footwear brand has been supplying the skating industry with premium quality skate shoes for well over a decade. Circa skate shoes are known to boost skating performance. This feature is guaranteed by the incorporation of c1rca technology, such as the kick flip – proof construction and the dura- lock in soles. Based on this, Circa can easily throw their hat in the ring as one of the best skate shoes developers in the country.

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Circa Skate Shoes Features That Set Them Apart

Likewise, skaters are able to control their skateboards a whole lot better and perform complex skating maneuvers more successfully, due to the presence of in-built fusion grip outsoles. C1rca shoes are made from top quality materials, such as leather and rubber, among others. Leather in particular, and unlike other materials, stands up to the rough challenges of skating and ensures that these skate shoes remain intact and totally functional for a very long period of time. This is especially important in the world of skating since ordinary shoes can blowout after continued usage. In addition, rubber outsoles maximize flexibility and control of the skateboard, while providing adequate grip and resistance to wear and tear.

Previewing the Top Skate Shoes by C1rca

Let’s take a look at what insiders say are the top shoes made by Circa:

C1RCA Men’s Lopez 50 Skate Shoe

C1RCA Men's Lopez 50
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This is an extremely popular shoe designed by the one and only Adrian Lopez. There are certain features which helps this shoe stand out amongst the competition, including strong vulcanized construction, elastic tongue straps, and a strong toe cap. The shoe tends to a little bit bigger than a normal skate shoe. It has a durable FusionGrip rubber outsole for an ultimate grip you won’t get anywhere else. The uppers are made from textile or suede materials. Comes in over a dozen different colors to give you plenty of options.

C1RCA Men’s Lopez 50 Sneaker

C1RCA Men's Lopez 50 Sneaker
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Coming in two colors; black and white or white and gray, this Circa sneaker not only meets, but exceeds expectations of someone looking for a skate sneaker. Led by a fabric upper, wide lacing, reinforced upper layering for durability, and excellent cushioning where you need it the most, this Circa sneaker is perfect for the avid skateboarder. The rubber outsole will give you the tight grip you want — Fusion Grip as it is called by Circa.

C1RCA Men’s 205 Vulc Skate Shoe

circa men's cx205
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C1rca is no stranger from the leading edge of technology and they are constantly in the middle of innovation and improvement on design and technology of skate shoes. One thing will always remain, and that’s comfort, safety and durability. Check out the top choices today and be confident in your choice.

It’s hard to go wrong with a manufacturer that is so diligent on craftsmanship and detail. C1rca shoes will long be a favorite of top riders. If you’re looking for other men’s skate shoes, we have you covered, as well as other mid-tops to chose from.

Although durability and performance are two of the main components highlighted in the design and manufacture of C1rca shoes, it is also important to note that comfort, protection and safety are taken into serious consideration.  The insoles of Circa’s are made with refined materials that provide optimum cushioning from the tensions of take offs and rough landings. These materials absorb most of the shock transmitted during maneuvers and in so doing, they help to eliminate the chances of injuries to the feet and legs. Extra padding on the insides of the heel area also promotes extra cushioning effect, without adding bulkiness and weight to the shoes.

Given the huge benefits of circa skate shoes, it is expected that their prices should soar sky high; however, this is certainly not the case! In fact, it’s the total opposite. Their shoes are sold for literally next to nothing! The price range on these stylish skate shoes is very affordable and caters for all skaters. Best of all, skaters can take full advantage of the huge discounts available on a wide range of selected Circa shoes. Be sure to check out the special offers that are available from time to time.

Circa’s are available for both male and females. An assortment of style, colors and design awaits each skater. For persons interested in vulcanized footwear, you can rest assured, knowing that circa has got that covered. For others with a distinctive taste for high tops, classic versions such as the C1rca–99 vulcanized skate shoes provide just the right fit with an adequate shaft length. Low cut, wider shoes, such as the Easy Ryder is also available for skaters looking to create the ideal fashion statement, while being able to perform more captivating moves on the skateboard. Thousands of skaters are performing at their peak, thanks to Circa skate shoes. Don’t get left behind; Grab your pair of Circa’s while stocks last.

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