Our Recommendations for the Best Fallen Skate Shoes

Fallen skates shoes have brought about a whole new meaning to the skateboarding industry. Fallen footwear is represented by some of the most distinguished professional skateboarders across the country. This brand boasts over a decade of delivering products of the highest quality on the market. Best of all, this is the classic example of a product that has been built by a professional skateboarder, Jamie Thomas, for skaters in search of the requisite features of a great pair of skate shoes.

Identifying the Top Skate Shoes by Fallen

Two of the most popular and viral models currently on the market are the Fallen Men’s Patriot 2 Skate Shoe and the Fallen Men’s Forte Skate Shoe. Nothing beats the reality of finding a decent pair of reliable and cheap skater shoes, with the ideal combination of beauty, comfort and functionality. With Fallen footwear, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

Fallen Men’s Patriot 2 Skate Shoe

Fallen Men's Patriot 2
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If you are really planning to upgrade your status from just the regular rookie in the park, to a more respected and professionally sound skater, then you must start off with the right gears. This is exactly where the Fallen Men’s Patriot 2 Skate Shoe comes in! This model is rated as one of the best by most skaters, and it’s no secret why the ratings are skyrocketing.

The Patriot is a fusion of durable leather, suede and synthetic upper with rubber soles, and fitted with extra padding for added comfort, cushioning and protection. In addition, this combination of lightweight materials promotes adequate flexibility that guarantees sufficient maneuverability for pulling off the mind-blowing stunts you’ve always dreamt of.  Extra comfort for rough landings is provided by the EVA midsole with which these classics are fitted. To top it all off, the price range is ridiculously low, making the Patriot a perfect pair of skate shoes for literally everyone.

Fallen Men’s Forte Skate Shoe

Fallen Men's Forte
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Fallen Forte is another big name in the Fallen collection and in the skateboarding industry on the whole. Unlike other models and brands, the Forte is an ingenious product of premium quality leather upper, firmly attached to a durable rubber sole.  This model of the Fallen collection makes skating a whole lot easier on the limbs, since the thick rubber sole assists in absorbing the landing shock, while withstanding the constant pressure of wear and tear of the griptape and the skating grounds. Best of all, the durable yet flexible leather upper eventually molds out to fit the contours of your feet, while providing adequate leverage for performing the trickiest of stunts. Fallen Forte features a decent low cut style that enhances maneuverability and gives you total control of your skateboard. In addition, these skate shoes are remarkably affordable, considering their durability and performance.

Wrapping Up Fallen Shoes

You’ll find these two shoes are high quality performers and if you’re zeroed in on the Fallen brand, you can’t go wrong taking a chance on these. You’ll quickly realize they are two of the top skate shoes in the market. As some may know Fallen was previously associated with DC — you can check out the list of DC high top shoes we recommend as well.

There are many features that put Fallen shoes at the forefront of the competition. Apart from the sleek appearance and the neat touch, these shoes are crafted with durable, lightweight materials that work perfectly for the skateboarding terrain. Not to mention, the comfort levels are optimum and the take-off and landing stresses are reduced considerably with this type of footwear. Since these shoes have been developed by a professional skateboarder himself, it is very obvious that they come fully prepared to outdo the challenges of the skateboarding arena, while keeping you safe to skate another day!

The durability, comfort, and security is evident in every Fallen shoe, whether they’re low cut, mid tops, or high tops. You’ll find high quality craftsmanship and a shoe you can be proud to wear. There are a number of options to choose from. Fallen employees keep close tabs on the skating industry, staying up on the trends and understanding on to be different than the rest. They continue to set markers to deliver quality skateboarding shoes no matter what type of experience you have.

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