Our Recommendations for the Best Lakai Skate Shoes

In 1999, two professional skateboarders created a new footwear brand that reflected their own personal style and boards. The designers were Mike Carroll and Rick Howard, whose Lakai footwear not only reflects their Girl/Chocolate board brands, but is now revolutionizing the footwear of skaters worldwide.

Lakai Shoes are long lasting and extremely flexible, which are the two main features skaters look for in a pair of shoes. Not only are the shoes durable, they are also shock absorbent which is necessary for tricks involving higher jumps. The shoes are sturdy enough to provide all the ankle support that skaters need, without feeling tight or constrictive. The shoes also provide a stable base for the feet, making it possible to pull off the more complicated stunts without injury.

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The footwear was designed by professional skateboarders who understand the necessity of not only having the shoe support the foot, but also be lightweight enough to easily flip a board. With the thin insoles and sturdy outer sole, the Lakia Skate Shoe is sturdy enough to hold up and light enough to jump stairs. To also help cushion and support the feet, the heel gel pad was replaced and a crate was added to still add support to your stance. This crate also prevents skaters from having to stand flat footed, which can help prevent the aches and pain often associated with a long day of skating.

Another unique feature of the shoes is the herringbone tread, which not only provides great traction and gripping ability when riding, it has also been called one of the best treads. Manufactured from high quality products this is usually the last part of these phenomenal shoes to fall apart. Lakia Skate Shoes are uniquely designed and most importantly, their long line of skateboarding shoes and apparel are created to last.

Zeroing In On the Top 3 Skate Shoes Made by Lakai

Lakai makes a number of shoes that are worthy of top billing but to limit the choices to just three, we have to be a bit choosy and select the ones we believe you will enjoy the most as well as at are fair price point. Let’s take a closer look.

Lakai Mens Manchester Skate Shoe

Lakai Mens Manchester
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The Manchester low cut skate shoe made by Lakai combines comfort and versatility to provide you with a fantastic skating performance. You’ll find a vulcanized crafted shoe, a canvas form fitting upper, and a tacky gum rubber outsole to give you an excellent skate shoe in terms of style and substance. The shock absorbing insole will keep your feet pain free for longer. They’re good for skating, biking, or just casual wear as well. The Lakai embroidery at the back of the collar adds a hint of class. Comes in over 15 colors to suit your particular needs.

The Manchester is also a top 5 pick of ours for the best overall skate shoe that money can buy.

Lakai Mens Griffen Skate Shoe

Lakai Mens Griffen

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The Mens Griffen Skate Shoe has rapidly become one of the favorite Lakia skate shoes. The entire shoe seems like it was designed to be both flexible and comfortable with features like the shoe’s seamless vamp. High quality rubber soles help to provide optimal tracking, making it easier to pull off some of the complicated board flips and tricks. High grade leather helps not only with the shoe’s durability, but also the flexibility of the Lakia skate shoe. Other features unique to these shoes included the unique logo on the shoe’s tongue, and the hidden crating for extra mid sole support.

Mens Carroll Skate Textile

 Mens Carroll Skate Textile
–>Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on Lakai Men’s Carroll 5 Skate Shoe

Another popular shoe by Lakia is the Mens Carroll Skate Textile. This fully cushioned Lakia skate shoe, has all of the support and durability of the company’s other skate shoes with the versatility to even wear away from the skateboard. The Carroll Skate shoe also has the trademark herringbone tread, and the stylish logo printed on the shoe’s tongue. Other features include, cushioned ankle collars and a cushioned tongue. The shoes weigh only 2lbs. making them perfect for a long day of skating.

Lakia skate shoes are perhaps one of the most innovative manufacturers of skateboarding shoes. Designed to provide the most support and flexibility, while still being durable enough to last through more than one session of skating, these shoes may be the answer to every skater’s footwear need. If you’re looking for more of a mid top or high cut skate shoe, you’ll want to check out our detailed list of DC shoes to fit the bill.

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