Seeking Out the Best Men’s Skate Shoes

One of the most interesting trends in casual shoes has been the rise of skate shoes for men. Men’s skate shoes have broken out of their niche market and expanded to cover a wide swath of young people who now appreciate the durability, sleek design, and trendy nature of this remarkable shoe. It was not long ago that skate or skateboarding shoes were only seen in skateboarding events. Today, finding cheap skate shoes for men is now much easier than ever before. Some skate shoes are exclusively designed for men and women, while others cross over to the unisex variety. For our purposes today, we’re going to discuss what components make up the best men’s skate shoes and the top choices in the market today.

Choosing the Ideal Skate Shoes for Men

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the top skate shoes for men and why they are the dominant and most impressive skate shoes available to buy today. We list our overall top five skate shoes on the homepage that you can check out anytime.

DC Men’s Pure Action Skate Shoe

DC Men's Pure Action Sports Shoe
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This men’s shoe is recommended by us for so many reasons. It’s a top of line shoe upgraded from other DC skate shoes with added toe protection, thick tongue foam padding, and a super solid fit to avoid looseness. Includes vented holes in the upper to bring in an influx of breezy air to your feet when you need it the most. The amount of different colors make it fun to choose from what suits your personality the best. The rubber outsole is sticky to help you land your tricks with ease. The number of positive reviews on this shoe gives it the amount of social proof necessary for it to be a top men’s sneaker buy.

Lakai Men’s Manchester Skate Shoe

Lakai Mens Manchester
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The Manchester low cut skate shoe made by Lakai combines comfort and versatility to provide you with a fantastic skating performance. You’ll find a vulcanized crafted shoe, a canvas form fitting upper, and a tacky gum rubber outsole to give you an excellent skate shoe in terms of style and substance. The shock absorbing insole will keep your feet pain free for longer. They’re good for skating, biking, or just casual wear as well. The Lakai embroidery at the back of the collar adds a hint of class. Comes in over 15 colors to suit your particular needs.

DC Men’s Court Graffik Se Action Sports Shoe

dc graffik
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This shoe is a must see — top notch leather construction, foam padded lightweight mesh tongue and collar, and over 50 sick shoe colors and designs to choose from. Don’t be afraid to test your skills because this shoe contains a very impressive shock-absorbing rubber outsole that will condition the impact to reduce the amount of force. You’re getting the reliability from a big brand that has been around for years, stamped appropriately with their DC Shoes logo.

Emerica Men’s Wino Fusion Skate Shoe

emerica wino
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Very similar to the Van’s Unisex shoe but this Emerica is solely designed for men. A very minimalist approach and it’s reflected in the reasonable price you see. (For other affordable options, be sure to check out our list of cheap skate shoes). It’s a low profile shoe but will certainly give you the security and tenacity you need from a shoe that looks this good and priced so well.

What are the Common Traits of the Best Men’s Skate Shoes?

Skateboarding shoes are specific footwear for those who ride skateboards. While skateboarding has been popular in its current form since the 1960s, it was only relatively recently that companies developed skate shoes to address the specific needs of controlling the skateboard, riding comfortably and absorbing the shock of jumps and landings.

Superficially similar to simple running shoes, skate shoes for men do have significant differences. Although each company puts their own mark on men’s skate shoes, they do have many elements in common;

Rubber or Polyurethane Sole: This is two-fold, the rubber or polyurethane provides great shock absorption and better grip on the skateboard, allowing for maximum traction. Plus, the extra padding in the back helps prevent the bruising of the heel as skateboarders land from high jumps.

No-Tread Sole: Because the top of the skateboard is a flat surface with grip already established, the need for tread on the sole is non-existent. In fact, the flatness of the sole allows for maximum contact with the skateboard.

Leather or Suede Top: Very durable, stylish and breathable, the top helps keep the foot cool while maneuvering.

Extensive Stitching: Most skate shoes for men come with double or even triple stitching for maximum durability. This is because the unique type of stress that skateboarding places on the shoes.

Extra Padded Tongue: The tongue is set low in the shoe and has greater padding for more comfort. This helps keep the shoes from bruising the skin on top of the feet when maneuvering the skateboard.

When these features were first introduced in men’s skate shoes, they were not only highly appreciated by those who ride skateboards they were also being noticed by non-skateboarders for their unique, trendy appearance. Once the popular companies, such as Nike skate shoes for men came out, the trend began to really broaden out.

Men’s skate shoes have only increased in terms of their popularity and are reaching new audiences, even those that have little to do with skateboarding because of the comfort and style that these shoes offer. As with similar types of running, training or casual shoes, they come in different colors and may offer many features or have a minimalist style. What can be said about skate shoes for men is that the trend is certainly here to stay. The sleek, low design combined with the extra padding and support make them perfect for a number of activities from walking to simply looking good with many different types of outfits. Men’s skate shoes are certainly a phenomenon that is here to stay.

We are also big fans of Osiris shoes for men so be sure to check out our dedicated page if you’re a fan of that brand.

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