Locating the Best Osiris Shoes for Girls

Skating is a sport where women and men can come together to enjoy the camaraderie that comes with being in a group and out in the fresh air. While you may hear more about men getting the skateboarding headlines, there are just as many women out there who are unbelievably skilled in the art of skating. Thus the demand for dedicated women’s skate shoes are needed. And leave it to Osiris to be the top dog.

The Osiris shoe company was founded in 1996 when a professional skateboarder recognized a lack of footwear in the skateboarding industry. He wanted to provide consumers with footwear that was designed and endorsed by professional extreme sports athletes. By having footwear that is endorsed by professionals, people tend to respect the brand more over other footwear companies. Aspiring skateboarders want the best skate shoes that the professionals use.

Therefore, Osiris became a popular shoe brand for athletes in extreme sports such as skateboarding and bmx. The most common misunderstanding about the company is that they only provide for men and boys. However, Osiris shoe company actually provides a wide variety of products for women who do extreme sports. For a listing of what we consider the top women’s skate shoes overall, we’ve dedicated an entire page to this matter.

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Osiris shoes for girls and women are specially made with a female in mind. The company understands that women also skateboard and need a product that can support the activity while keeping them feminine at the same time. By taking the original skate shoe for men and transforming it into a sleek design for women, the company came up with a feminine product line offering top of the line girls skate shoes. Osiris designed multiple products that appeal to women and offer many different colors, sizes, and widths. By creating different options of sleek Osiris shoes for women at affordable prices, female athletes can now wear endorsed footwear that supports their athletic activity.

Two Top Performing Osiris Shoes for Girls

There are many choices of Osiris shoes for girls to choose from for the next purchase. It comes down to what shoe can provide you with the perfect blend of style, comfort, safety and durability. Luckily there are a few on the market that offer just that. Let’s take a look at two of the top women’s shoes used for skating:

OSIRIS NYC 83 SLM Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

OSIRIS NYC 83 SLM Skate Shoe
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The Osiris NYC 83 SLM Skate Shoe offers premium comfort and style by using EVA for the midsole and insole of the shoe. The high top design of the shoe provides ultimate protection while skateboarding or during normal routine. The comfort lace up on the front of the shoe and the added cushion to the ankle of the shoe gives you a higher level of comfortability than similar options on the market. The latex covering protects the design from being damaged during performance. Not only will your feet be protected but they will also be supported properly.

OSIRIS Women’s NYC 83 SLM Skate Shoe

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Another great option for Osiris shoes for women is the Osiris Women’s NYC 83 SLM Skate Shoe. The padded tongue and additional ankle support make this shoe extremely comfortable. The rubber sole gives you superior traction during athletic activities or daily routines. The perforated lines and reinforced material around the exterior of the shoe keep the structure in tact. There are many different colors and designs  of Osiris shoes for women to choose from to suit your style. The patent leather and mesh material adds superior comfort and breathability for your feet. By choosing this product, you can feel confident in your performance and protection.

When buying shoes from Osiris shoe company, the consumer gets the satisfaction of knowing that each product that the company creates is supported by a professional. Before your next purchase, weigh all of the benefits that this brand has to offer including protection, design, and affordable price. In the end, this company will ultimately be the best choice for your next pair of skate shoes for girls. Not only do the Osiris shoes for women and girls protect all areas of the foot and ankle but they also give you a sense of style and confidence. Other female athletes that are involved with extreme sports will be asking you where you bought your shoes.

Osiris is also a large provider of men’s skate shoes and we’ve gone into detail on the ones we highly recommend.

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