Strong Crop of Womens Skate Shoes

Skating is an outdoor activity that we all enjoy. For all the ladies looking to show off their newly acquired skills and talent at the skating park, there are a few things that must be done and vital equipment and shoes that should be obtained prior to heading off. One of these vital items is the choice of footwear to be worn for skating sessions. In fact, the type of shoes used for skating can make or break you – literally. Sustaining injuries, due to a lack of protection and adequate equipment can be a huge deterring factor in the skating world, and where ladies are concerned, this reality is even a much bigger issue.

Womens skate shoes come readily available in a wide range of colors and designs. These shoes are not only manufactured with attractive features, but their overall construction promotes safety and comfort. There are various brands of skate shoes for women on the market. These brands offer a wide selection from which to choose. Making the right choice may be a bit difficult due to the immense variety and styles available. Nevertheless, there are a few important features to look for in a good pair of these shoes.

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Important Features of Skate Shoes for Women

1)  Safety, protection and comfort: even the slightest mishaps or lack of good safety features on skate shoes can lead to bad injuries that can result in unwanted marks and scars. A good pair of skate shoes should be able to prevent, or at least reduce the chances of sustaining such injuries. Classic high top versions are ideal for maximizing protection. These are usually constructed with a protective shaft that covers the ankle and lower leg pretty well and can also accommodate a pair of skinny jeans tucked inside. In addition, the inner lining of the shaft is usually reinforced with extra padding to cushion the lower leg and ankles, while providing adequate comfort.

The insoles of these women skate shoes are also made of soft, shock absorbing materials that keep the feet comfortable during maneuvers. Most of these insoles are foam- based, developed with the technology that allows the insoles to adjust according to feet movement and position. Skate shoes for women would also come fitted with a reinforced toe padding to protect the toes and to prevent embarrassing blowouts during intense skateboarding.

A solid pair of women’s skateboarding shoe that provides safety, protection and comfort is:

DC Women’s Court Graffik SE Sneaker

DC Women's Court Graffik SE
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These highly electrifying and colorful shoes made by DC are ideal for the extreme woman skater. You can expect a very sticky rubber sole and a foam padded tongue and heel collar for the support and durability required to pull of unbelievable moves on the ramps. You can expect very good ventilation with available air holes allowing your shoe to breath naturally and normally. Each shoe contains an oversized logo at the quarter panel and with over 25 color choices, you’re toughest choice will be which color(s) to choose from.

2) Fashion: for ladies, fashion is a very big deal because truly you want to also make a statement with your shoes. A good pair of womens skate shoes is designed with a series of fancy and appealing colors that creates the perfect fashion statement and boosts the street – savvy look. Most of these shoes sport a unique combination of bright colors that catches the attention of everyone around.

A certain top pick is the Chelsea Sneaker made by DC, let’s take a look:

DC Women’s Chelsea Sneaker

DC Women's Chelsea
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The Chelsea sneaker is full, athletic, fancy, and sporty all at once. The minimal padding gives more flexibility in the skater’s moves and makes the shoe look less heavy than others of its kind. The sole is higher and contains a very secure grip to make every move a success.

3) Strength and durability: this is yet another important pillar for choosing the right pair of these skate shoes. Materials, such as leather and rubber are used to craft some of the most long lasting shoes in the skating industry. Additional options include suede and synthetic materials.

4) Cost: A good pair of womens skate shoes should always fall within an affordable price range since regular skating is fun and frolic and not usually a job that pays. In addition, the design and crafting of most of these shoes are totally inspired by skaters and are made bearing in mind that no one should ever sacrifice fun at the expense of cost.

Vans Unisex Authentic Lo Pro Skate Shoe

Vans Unisex Authentic
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The most affordable women’s skate shoe is most likely the simple Vans Unisex Authentic Lo Pro Skate Shoe, a canvas shoe that comes in a variety of colors. Vulcanized bottoms give you the ultimate control and strength you need. Tons of sizes, tons of colors and very cheap to boot. Grab two and don’t look back.

Hopefully this gives you an in-depth look at the top women’s skate shoes to help you make an informed decision. The reviews on these shoes also give you the guidance and assurance you need to move forward comfortably. If you’re looking beyond these 3 pairs of shoes, check out our girls picks for Osiris shoes that are as good as gold.

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