Kicking It With Style in Your DC High Tops

DC shoes have been around for over a decade, and with the passing of time, this shoe line has remarkably gained more and more popularity in the world of sports and outdoor activities. DC product line caters for practically everyone. Not to mention, the products developed by this brand are oriented towards extreme sports, such as skateboarding and snowboarding. Among these top quality products are the popularly known DC high tops. These are not just any kind of regular shoes; in fact, most professional athletes and other celebrities make this brand of footwear an important part of their daily dress code, and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the same fashion trend as well!

The founders of the DC product line have placed a lot of focus on advancing this brand and ensuring that it maintains its luxurious and well respected status.  To assist with their venture, they have affiliated many professional extreme athletes with the brand, making their products a “must have” for everyone!

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So what makes DC High Tops so special?

DC high tops are crafted from the finest quality materials in the footwear industry. This guarantees that these shoes remain totally durable to withstand the challenges of wear and tear during daily se. DC high tops provide a very spacious midsole, with enough room to accommodate your feet and to prevent any discomfort. The high cut design is ideal for the demands of extreme sports, such as skateboarding. This unique construction provides adequate support and cushioning to the ankles, and reduces the chance of injuries during outdoor activities. Extra cushioning is also provided by the padded collars and shoe tongues.

DC high tops sport a thick and durable outsole that makes them perfect for extreme sports and demanding terrains. The outsole is also constructed with adequate traction to support your every movement, while preventing the chances of slips. If you’re looking for a step down into what are known as mid tops, you can learn more about them as well. They tend to supply a little more flexibility in your stunts but overall less shock absorption and protection.

What about fashion?

DC high tops make a great fashion statement. Whether it’s a regular afternoon skate at the park or a casual evening function, these shoes will match the occasion perfectly. Best of all, DC high tops allow you to tuck your skinny jeans inside the shaft to pull off the sleek celebrity look that everyone admires. This head turning sneaker puts you in an entirely different league altogether. You can select from a variety of colors, include white skate shoes or black skate shoes to make the impression you desire.

What’s the hottest DC High Top Shoes currently available?

There are a few high tops that stand out from the rest and our job is to share those with you. Let’s take a look:

DC Men’s Spartan Hi WC Sneaker

 dc men's spartan hi
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A classic example of the hottest trend in the shoe line is the DC Men’s Spartan Hi WC sneaker. Rated 5 stars by hundreds of satisfied customers, the Spartan Hi WC is by for one of the best high tops on the market, as well as one of the sleekest products ever designed by the DC product line. These shoes boast a durable leather upper that sits perfectly on a sticky rubber outsole. The sticky outsole makes it easier to perform mind blowing tricks with the skateboard. These shoes are fitted with foam padding in the collar and tongue for extra support, cushioning and comfort.

In addition, these shoes are conveniently breathable, with vent holes to ensure that the feet remain dry and aerated. The Spartan Hi WC features a performance “wrap cup” midsole that provides that optimum stability and support needed for preventing foot injuries. Best of all, the price range on the DC Men’s Sparta Hi WC sneaker is very affordable. Sport the classy look without ever having to empty your pockets!

DC Men’s Union High Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker

DC Men's Union High Lace-Up Fashion
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These are attractive looking hi-top sneakers that really make a big deal out of standing out from the rest of the crowd. Coming in a number of colors to help you put out the right vibe, you can expect an upper built from suede, nubuck, or leather complete with a foam-padded tongue. The insole is extremely comfortable and is also removable based on your preference. Anticipate a sticky rubber outsole that is abrasion proof to keep your kicks looking new and in good shape for the long haul. These are also extremely casual shoes that can be worn for many other outdoor activities.

Coming across the best dc high tops is a great opportunity to find a shoe that will give you years of use. Plenty of top reviews back up these high performance shoes. Don’t pass up the time to buy.

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