Grab the Best Puma Skate Shoes

Puma shoes have been around for quite a number of years — if you’re an adult over 30, you probably remember wearing them in the 80’s and 90’s. And most people under 30 are familiar with this world-renowned brand as a trusted name in the footwear industry and has been living up to the expectations of practically all of its clients. Puma skate shoes constitute one of the many products offered by this brand, and as skateboarding has been reaching new heights over the years, this product line has also been working tirelessly to produce the prototype of skateboard shoes, tailored to suit the needs of skaters.

Puma is a huge provider of top quality and long lasting skate shoes, designed to yield the results that skateboarders seek. These shoes come in a wide variety of colors and designs, giving customers the chance to select the models that best fit their style. In addition to variety, these shoes fall within a reasonably affordable price range, making them ideal for anyone seeking premium quality for less. Although features may vary from one model to another, the basic concept of quality is present in every skate shoe produced by this brand. Features such as comfort, durability, safety, protection and performance are just a few of the key reasons why many skate boarders turn to Puma.

Focusing on the Top 2 Skate Shoes Made by Puma

Two of the most popular models that deliver great skating results are the Puma Suede Classic+ Sneakers and the Puma Men’s El Ace 2 Nubuck Leather Sneakers. If you want strength and acrobatic ability on your board, either of these are a solid choice. Let’s tackle these two shoes one by one.

PUMA Suede Classic Sneaker

PUMA Suede Classic
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The Suede Classic+ is perhaps one of the most popularly known skateboard sneakers across the globe. These shoes sport the typical retro look and are made from specially selected and polished suede upper that is fused to a durable rubber sole. The inner aspect of this skate shoes, including the collar and the tongue, is laced with soft padding to maximize comfort levels during use. Not to mention, the extra cushioning provided makes this model ideal for maneuvers with heavier impact. The low cut design allows skaters to exercise more control over their skateboards, while performing stunts.

Although the Puma Suede Classic+ is designed with substantial room in the footbed, skaters can always adjust the laces for a neater look and a snug fit. The midsole offers extra cushioning and further protect skaters from the shock generated by landing impact. The Suede Classic+ is certainly a beauty, and the Puma Formstrip on the sides adds even more to the details. With a decent price range from which to choose, there is definitely no reason why any skater would resist this one!

PUMA Men’s El Ace 2 Nubuck Leather Sneaker

PUMA Men's El Ace 2 Nubuck
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The Puma Men’s El Ace 2 Nubuck leather sneaker offers a new and improved look to skate shoes. This stylish footwear features an ingenious blend of leather, suede and synthetic upper, with a rubber outsole that is fitted to last. Best of all, it features a highly cushioned footbed that guarantees protection from harsh landings. Although very resistant to wear and tear, the sole and outsole are relatively thin, allowing skateboarders to get a proper feel of the board, without compromising the cushioning effect and protection offered by this shoe. The leather vamp is perforated and this helps to keep the footbed fully aerated, allowing the feet to breathe. The Puma Men’s El Ace 2 Nubuck leather sneakers fit perfectly with any casual attire and can be used for other outdoor events and activities, apart from skating.

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