Our Recommendations for the Best Emerica Skate Shoes

Emerica skate shoes have taken the skateboarding market by surprise, and the customer reviews and comments reflect exactly how satisfied skateboarders are, having a trusted brand that delivers quality without compromise. Over 600,000 Facebook fans will agree that Emerica footwear is a must-have. So the big question for people on the outside is, “what makes these skate shoes so special?” The answer to this question lies in three basic components that are included in the features of any pair of this classic brand. These key elements include performance, style and comfort.

Performance: these shoes are designed with gum rubber cupsoles for providing adequate flexibility and durability, while allowing skaters to explore skating to the best of their abilities. Likewise, the presence of top quality cushioning midsoles provides the support and protection needed to reduce the tension of heavy impact with the hard surface. Emerica shoes are also crafted with zigzag thread patterns along the gum outsoles to further ensure maximum support and resistance to the harsh skating environment. The materials used also guarantee optimum grip for better kickflip performance.

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Style: as we all know, skating is not only about performance. While we always feel safety is important, there’s nothing wrong with a pair of shoes that have a very stylish look to them; after all, while you’re in the spotlight, you’ve got to make the best of it! Emerica shoes are designed with stylish accents that make them stand out and puts you a notch above the regular competition, while also maintaining their affordable price point.

Comfort: what is a skate shoe without the comfort? Comfort is an absolute necessity because diehard skaters will spend morning to evening on their board and don’t want to have to take constant breaks to rest their aching feet. This brand puts the right perspective into skating. Special midsoles and the overall design facilitate optimum comfort levels.

Top 3 Skate Shoes Made by Emerica

Let’s take a moment to isolate the top skate shoes from the Emerica lineup of shoes, one of which is listed in our top 5 overall best skate shoes in the marketplace.

Emerica Men’s The Reynolds Skate Shoes

Emerica Men's The Reynolds
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A top 5 pick of ours is a product design from Andrew Reynolds, you know this skate shoe can handle heavy impact if Andrew’s name is behind it. The mid top style shoe features what is known as the ‘Cold Air Intake’, that allows both the shoe/foot to breath naturally and a new internal support system that has a vice like grip to keep your foot in place. The patented G6 foam midsole provides supreme cushioning for protection from high-impact moves. The uppers are made with one piece premium suede. Many owners are commenting they’ve never had their heal lock in so well or encounter a shoe that is perfect right out of the box. This is a real up and comer, so get your hands on a pair today.

Emerica Men’s Wino Fusion Skate Shoe

Emerica Men's Wino Fusion
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The Wino Fusion is a super lightweight and ultra-slim skate shoe that is perfect for skating and other outdoor activities. Apart from its eye-catching looks, this skate shoe sports a canvas or leather upper, with a durable 400 NBS rubber outsole that provides just the right grip for your skateboard. This footwear has a very simple design that puts performance and comfort at the forefront. Fitted with a cushioning EVA midsole, this footwear ensures that your impacts are as smooth and comfortable as it gets.

The ultra slim design of the Wino Fusion provides skaters with the means necessary to achieve the maximum board feel for better maneuvers and tricks. The vulcanized design of this shoe further improves the ability of skaters to perform at their optimum level. Emerica Men’s Wino Fusion Skate Shoe sports an embroidered logo both on the tongue and on the side. The use of embroidery guarantees that the logo stays on and accompanies the lasting duty of this pair of classics.

Emerica Men’s Laced By Leo Romero Skate Shoe

Emerica Men's Laced By Leo Romero
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The Emerica Men’s Laced By Leo Romero Skate Shoe is designed with a creative combination of leather upper and rubber outsole, and crafted for skaters who love to test their limits on the skateboard. Whether laced up or not, this pair of skate shoes will do the job! It features a thin overall design that makes it perfect for board feel. In addition, there is no need to worry about the tongue sliding down into the shoes, since it comes fitted with tongue-centering straps to keep them in place. This footwear also features an EVA foam midsole for optimum comfort and protection during stunt performance. Likewise, gum based cupsole allows you to retain the board grip needed for pulling off complex maneuvers without falling off your skateboard. Stylish logos are features on the tongue, sides and footbed, allowing everyone to get a glimpse of the footwear that keeps you going!

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