The Best Etnies Skate Shoes – Shout Out to Retro Style

Etnies is a company that was created by a skateboarder, Pierre Andre Senizergues, in 1986. Almost 30 years later it remains the first global sports apparel company to be owned and operated by an individual who lives and breathes the life of an “extreme sports enthusiast”. Who better to understand the necessary design for the highest quality Etnies shoes than someone who has literally “been there” and “done that”?

From the very first day the idea was conceptualized, Etnies shoes have been designed to suit the demands of those consumers who are involved in extreme sports.

The Etnies Company is proud to be dedicated to the creation of sports related products that deliver form, function, durable style and user comfort. Whether your taste preference is for skateboards, motor bikes or snowboards you can count on Etnies to offer exactly the type of footwear necessary to help you take your performance to a radically new level.

Top 4 Etnies Skate Shoes To Consider

Etnies is no stranger to building shoes that skaters love to wear. Let’s take a look at the best skate shoes made by Etnies today.

Etnies Men’s Marana Skate Shoe

Etnies Men's Marana Skate Shoe
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The Marana Men’s Skate Shoe made by Etnies is a low cut professional skateboarder’s dream shoe. You get so much and more, blending strength and style with a rubber cupsole complete with an injected EVA, impact-resistant STI Evolution foam midsole, making it one of the most durable and lightweight shoes around. It contains a non-slip grip rubber outsole and a leather upper with an injected rubber toe cap for durability. This shoe has more than you bargained for, making it one of the best skate shoes to buy, perfect for professional skaters and amateurs alike.

This shoe is also listed as one of our top 5 overall skate shoes that meet our requirements for comfort, durability, flexibility, and safety.

Etnies Mens Fader LS Shoes Footwear

 etnies men's fader ls
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With each pair of Etnies shoes you are going to receive solid design and construction. This is evident when you consider the Etnies-Fader-Skate as your style choice. The shoe features a thickly cushioned interior *STI foam in the footbed* for comfort and a roomier width than is normally offered.

The Etnies Fader takes a simple skate shoe design and then ups the ante with an eye for today’s fashion trends. You get shoes that perform in the colors that you like. Even the logo is designed to enhance the conservatively “clean” lines and classic appearance of the skate shoes. The combination of materials that are used include durable fabrics such as suede and leather. With tough construction and a faded color shade these shoes instantly create a look of comfort and familiarity. There are several different styles from which you can choose your favorite pair of skate shoes.

The rubber sole on the bottom of the shoe provides excellent grip and traction. With essential cushioning plus that handling performance from the shoe soles your feet will consistently retain comfort and flexibility. This provides you with all of the body balance necessary when you are performing spins or flips during routine practice or highly competitive events.

Etnies Men’s Callicut 2.0 Skate Shoe

Etnies Men's Callicut
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The Etnies Callicut provides a classic footwear design that is certain to appeal to individuals in all age ranges. These skate shoes feature the simple design that offers a tip of the hat to vintage styles from the past. If you are looking for skate shoes that deliver a balance of comfort and performance then the Etnies Callicut is sure to please.

The shoes have that retro look that so many individuals want but the technical aspects of the design make it clear that these deserve to be recognized as being “state of the art” athletic shoes. Low-cut for movement and power. A padded ankle and tongue for additional foot comfort. The simple lacing design can be easily adjusted in a matter of seconds and the elastic straps help you keep the tongue perfectly centered. These skate shoes are stylish and versatile enough to go from board ramp to Boardwalk restaurant during the day or night.

Etnies Men’s Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

etnies jameson 2 eco
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When you buy the Jameson 2 Eco skate shoe, you’re helping the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil, as it is part of an initiative set up by Etnies. Their Buy a Shoe and Plant a Tree reforestation program is an unbelievable part of who they are. This shoe uses recycled rubber in the outsole and recycled plastic in the shoe laces.

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