The Right Amount of Support With Mid Top Skate Shoes

It may not seem like it to many from the outside, but skateboarding is considered an athletic endeavor among those who participate. As such, the equipment chosen is often crucial to the performance of the skater. Besides the board itself, one of the most important elements in the sport are skateboarding shoes, but choosing the right one is not as easy as it may seem. The choice is often solely dependent on what the skater wants to get out of the shoe, which could be anything from lightweight and breathable to a shoe that adds protection to the ankles and heel, and which provides support. The cut of the shoe will make a big impact in what kind of tricks you can do and how much protection you’re feet will receive.

Mid tops are skate shoes that run lower than a high top shoe that runs up through the ankle, but higher than a low shoe that covers just your foot. Basically the sweet spot just up to the ankle level, not restricting the skater nor the tricks they perform, but also providing ample ankle mobility.

Good Choices for Battle Tested Mid Top Skate Shoe

We’ve given our top 3 choices for the best mid top skate shoes on the market:

Emerica Men’s The Reynolds Skate Shoe

Emerica Men's The Reynolds
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We recommend this affordable and no-nonsense Emerica Reynolds mid top, a product design from Andrew Reynolds. The mid top style shoe features what is known as the ‘Cold Air Intake’, that allows both the shoe/foot to breath naturally and a new internal support system that has a vice like grip to keep your foot in place. The patented G6 foam midsole provides supreme cushioning for protection from high-impact moves. The uppers are made with one piece premium suede. Many owners are commenting they’ve never had their heal lock in so well or encounter a shoe that is perfect right out of the box. This is a real up and comer, so get your hands on a pair today.

Etnies Fader Skate Shoe

etnies men's fader ls
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If you are on the lookout for a classic shoe from a trusted company, you probably shouldn’t look any further than the Etnies Fader Skate Shoe. Etnies have the distinction of being the first name in skate shoes, as it was they who delivered the first pro style shoe to the world. This particular shoe is an affordable option for those looking for a great piece of footwear that will stand up to the abuse that it is sure to take on a daily basis. The shoes sport a rubber sole that help maintain grip, while the main part of the shoe is made from a combination of synthetic and leather materials. There are a number of great designs and colors to choose from, allowing for a high level of personalization.

Globe Men’s Motley’s Mid Skate Shoe

Globe Men's Motley's
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The one thing that skaters need more than anything is a great level of support from the shoes that they wear. Few can deliver in that regard like the Globe Motley Mid Skate Shoe. This shoe has a ton of padding in the mid-top collar to provide support and comfort to the skater. The shoes just look great, too, as they are quality made items that use suede, canvas, and leather in the build. There are a number of different color and style options to choose from in this range, with each of the individual looks offering something a little different and unique for the skater who chooses them.

Is The Mid Top Shoe the Right Choice?

There are shoes that provide all of the above and more, but those tend to run very expensive, which is not something the novice skateboarder may truly benefit from. They will do better with getting some protection against the inevitable bumps and bruises that their feet will take when they hop on the board. This is why a mid-top skate shoe is such a popular option for beginners and pros alike. The skate shoes in the mid-range offer the best combination of protection and mobility, which is why they are the kind you will most commonly see on the feet of skaters.

Even when you are aware of the style that you want, you will still have plenty to choose from, which is where quality construction and personal style need to meet in the middle. You have many options when you skate, but decision making can take a toll when there are so many.

When you’re looking for a mid top skateboarding shoe, you can’t go wrong with any of these picks. The perfect combination of flexibility and protection makes mid tops a very popular choice for skaters across the country.

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