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Skate shoes are only one piece of the overall puzzle when it comes to skating. As Spring slowly starts to appear , it’s time to share a list of skateboarding blogs. Dedicated, hard-working bloggers have taken time out of their day on a regular basis to communicate with the world, share their opinions, and keep you informed on what is happening in the world of skating. I’ve made a list of the top skateboarding blogs that are transparent in their words and a “must-read”, in my opinion……read on:

Pretty Skateboards: The Pretty Blog –  daily snippets from Michael Worful, chiming in with pictures and videos to keep his audience entertained and excited. A skater for over 15 years, Michael enjoys illustration and design, and keeps things light on his blog. Check out when he met Tobin Yelland and peek in on the action shots skating with Martin and Ryan. Written out of St Louis.

WATC (We Are The City) – hurry over to WATC and check out lifestyle photos, interviews, and WATC videos to leave you overwhelmed by the detail and insight. WATC is straightforward in their approach, becoming a champion for Documenting the LifeSTyLes of artist and artforms in all cities. The site is engaging and will help open your mind to different mediums, helping individuals make peace with different forms of self-expression. Check out the KHVT story about losing a free skate area in St Louis.

Mostly Skateboarding – Templeton is the owner of Mostly Skateboarding and he gives his followers access to a ton of awesome videos from all around the world to take in, including this Russia Throwaway vid and this Luca Prestini vid. All top notch and relatable material for you to digest, plus Weekly Roundup posts that touches on the interesting stuff going on in the world today. Be certain to check out Templeton’s blog if love to watch videos of what’s hot today.

Kings Highway Skateboarding – purely a do-it-yourself skatespot in St Louis built by local skateboarders under a bridge, you can read more about their progress through frequent updates. They’re building whatever is on their mind to build, owning the tools and knowledge to move barriers and build ramps. However, the bridge is under duress and will be torn down, thus their taking donations to build a new Peter Mathews Memorial Skategarden. They’re having fun, but need help as well. If you’re looking to help or give donations, you can. It’s a great way for people of all ages to come together for a good cause.

The Chrome Ball Incident – check out fantastic, lengthy interviews from the folks at the Chrome Ball Incident, including recent ones with Reese Forbes and Matt Beach. The interviews are interesting and straight to the point, complete with pictures, personal stories and achievements, and future endeavors. A must read if you want to get up to speed on the people you’ve been following your whole life.

Vert Is Dead – Justin zeroes in on the skateboarders of the past and present, often providing a subtle blurb about each with a picture dedicated to their rise in the sport, usually from Thrasher or Slap. Check out a few of his more recent posts including one on Collin Provost, Elissa Steamer, and Tommy Sandoval. Really touching remembrances of many great skaters.

Jolly Roger Skateboards – they are a skater owned and operated shop in Belleville, Illinois, representing their own line of skateboards. If you need screen-printing, they can help. They have their own store where you can grab your favorite gear as well as an indoor mini-spine ramp, with ramp sessions given during certain portions of the day. They are always updated their page with the latest news on new team riders, what’s on sale, field trips and more. Check out their Facebook page as well to connect with others that share the love.



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